2019 Guide to Plus Size Swimsuits

Just the mention of the words ‘plus size swimsuits’ is enough to send many into a panic attack. I get it. Swimsuits can be quite unforgiving. There isn’t much hiding anything. At this point in my life, my question is ‘why hide anything?’ Do not misunderstand what I’m saying; I am not telling everyone to throw caution to the wind and have y’all Fupa’s hanging out. If that’s what you like, cool. What I am saying is that it is okay to wear a 2 piece, it is okay to show some cleavage (in my case a lot of titties), and it is okay to let your back rolls flourish. It’s okay! What’s important is how you feel. Do you feel confident? Wear it! Does it make you feel sexy? Wear it! Does it make you want to strip in front of the mirror and touch yourself (too far?) Wear it damn it! Here is my 2019 guide to plus size swimsuits.


A lot of people don’t think of Asos when it comes to swimsuits, but they definitely have cute items that are full figured friendly. Asos is a company based out of the UK, however they do ship internationally. Let it be noted, although paying duties at customs is “random” (I have my theory about this), just know that items from Asos just happen to almost always have duty fees when it arrives to Canada. This is strictly my opinion, but when ordering, just be mindful. Some times the smaller the order, the more chances there are of not having to pay duties. The swimwear from Asos is made with excellent quality and will last you for quite a few vacations.

Swimsuit: Asos    Sarong: Forever 21

Swimsuit: Asos

Sarong: Forever 21

 Swimsuits For All

This is my go to website for plus size swimsuits. There is something for everyone there. If conservative is your thing, they have it. If you like hot and sexy, they have that too. Swimsuits For All is also the home of Gabi Fresh’s (Plus Size Model) swimsuit line. Gabi’s collections are fun, flirty and fierce. Just a heads up. Sign up on their email list. They have discounts daily. You will never have to pay full price. Just the other day I placed an order and my items were 40% off, then an additional 35% off! If you live in the U.S., they frequently have no shipping charges. Canadians…no such luck! Womp womp!

Swimsuit: Swimsuits For All

Swimsuit: Swimsuits For All

Swimsuit: Gabi Fresh Collection for Swimsuits For All    Cover Up: Fashion Nova

Swimsuit: Gabi Fresh Collection for Swimsuits For All

Cover Up: Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova (Curve)

Every year I get at least one swimsuit from Fashion Nova. This is where you can get trendy swimsuits for very reasonable prices. If I am being 100% transparent, their swimsuits are not the best quality; the swimsuit pictured below is half white and half black. While getting out of the ocean, I realized that the white half was completely see through. I looked like I was participating in a wet t-shirt contest. I mean, you really could have seen my areola! I had to get out the water trying to walk sexy with one arm covering my areola while still trying to look like a sports illustrated swimsuit model!

Nevertheless, if you need something cute and sexy for a pool party or girls trip, this is where you go. For my Canadian readers, please give it a few weeks lead time to order before your vacation. It generally takes a few weeks to arrive.

Swimsuit: Fashion Nova    Sarong: Forever 21

Swimsuit: Fashion Nova

Sarong: Forever 21

Forever 21

I have to say that I am disappointed this year with Forever 21’s plus size selection for Canadian shoppers. Forever 21 used to be an amazing go to for a cute and cheap plus size swimsuit. However this season, for reasons unknown to me, they have only released about 3-4 new swimsuits and are selling swimsuits from last year. On their Instagram page however, they have posted full figured clients in their 2019 swimsuits. So I am guessing they’ve decided to hold back on their Canadian customers. So with that being said, I have no pictures for you this year in Forever 21…I just wanted a space to vent.

 Marks and Spencer

On a trip earlier this year to London England, I discovered the department store Marks and Spencer. Apparently, it is a very popular department store in the UK. They also ship internationally. To over 30 countries to be exact.  Standard shipping is only $5 to Toronto, Canada. Although their website only lists UK sizing, they do show your local currency. The swimsuits that I purchased were excellent quality for the price.

Swimsuit: Marks and Spencer

Swimsuit: Marks and Spencer

 There are a good amount of online stores that are now catering to plus size swimsuits. The stores listed above are more on the larger big brand side. Later this summer I will try to do another post with some of the smaller brands. If you guys know of any smaller brands that offer plus size swimsuits, drop it in the comments and I’ll check it out! I hope this helps you guys that were hitting me up in my dm’s about where I get my swimsuits.

 Happy Shopping!