Happy New Year! Let's Step Outside Of Our Comfort Zone

Happy New Year Sweeties! How long into the New Year are we still wishing people Happy New Year??? I think we’re still good! I’m wishing for greatness for all of you, whether it be a new relationship, career change, or just finding happiness.

 I feel like 2018 just flew by. It was an amazing year for me. It was my year of yes! I realized that I’m at my happiest when I’m travelling, trying new foods, and learning about new cultures. So I decided early on in 2018, that I was going to say yes to new countries, new experiences and new adventures. I managed to sneak in a trip every month last year except December. If any one of you can tell me how to escape buying Christmas gifts for the kids, I’d love to get tips. Truly, I’m slowly but surely turning into that Aunty that’s always travelling, and only shows up on special occasions, and slips the kids a $50 bill. Ha!

 My year of yes included trips to:



Jamaica x 2


Quebec City



Niagara Falls



And Vietnam!!!

 Although I had an amazing time travelling, my best feelings came when I received messages from you guys saying that I inspired you to take a trip! Hearing that makes my heart smile. There is so much world out there, and especially if you are Black or a person of colour, the world needs to see us. Just wait for my post about Vietnam. People were walking past me and just feeling my skin because they’ve never seen a Black person before! I felt famous like Beyonce!

 In 2019, let’s all do something out of our comfort zones. Maybe visit a country that you’ve never been to before? A new city? Skydive? Anything! Just challenge yourself to try it. And when you do, I want to hear about it!

 Here’s a little recap of my past travels for your enjoyment. Make sure you watch when I bust my ass … Thank the Lord for the ocean breaking my fall! That moment was totally out of my comfort zone because I’m not a strong swimmer, but I did it anyways!

Thank you to Timothy Ashley for the vid!

 Have an amazing 2019, and remember I want hear about what you’ll be doing out of your comfort zone this year!

 Love you guys,

 Nikki World Boss