Adventure For One!

One thing about travelling  solo is that you have to get used to doing everything alone. Trust me, it has its ups and downs. A huge plus; everything is on your terms. You don't have to ask your friend "hey, ready to eat?" , you can pump the a/c as cold as you want it, I personally like to sleep with the TV on and I don't have to care whether its bothering anyone. Negatives; you look like a total douche bag taking selfies of yourself. You have to deal with the judgmental stares of strangers. To be truthful, I used to be one of those judgmental people. Like 'look at this guy with his selfie stick.' But when you're solo, who's taking the pictures for you? Nooooooobody! And I have a problem with asking strangers to take my picture for me. Not because I think they're gonna run off with my camera, but because most of them have the audacity to only take one pic!! Like what am I supposed to do with one pic? It's a universal rule that you take about 5 shots and let the person pick which one works the best! I swear some people live under a rock (When I take my own selfie, I take minimum 20 shots...that's why my phone is forever running out of storage!)

On a recent trip to Costa Rica I decided that I needed a little adventure in my life, so I booked a tour to enjoy some zip lining. I figured, usually with these tours there are other people so it wouldn't even be like I was alone. So the morning of, I was picked up at my hotel. I was the only person in the vehicle, but luckily the driver said we had one more pick up. We get to the other hotel and the driver gets out to grab the other guests. The driver came back out with no one with him. I watched him make a few calls, and left me in the van while he jumped into another car! You have got to be kidding me. Granted he came back about 10 minutes later but wtf?! Finally after 1 hour of me sitting in this van by myself, I see the driver walk out the lobby with 3 young millennials. Now for those who know me, know that I can hold my mouth, but my face definitely needs deliverance. I know these 3 girls did not have me waiting in this hot vehicle for over an hour. So they get in (with no apology for their tardiness) and we're off.

So it was just me, the 3 millennials and our tour guide. Not bad, a party of 5. Or so I thought! Turns out that the millennials were going for a hike, not the full day zip lining tour that I was signed up for. But surely the millennial tour guide would see that I'm by myself and drop off the millennials and join me...right? NOPE! This guy fully dropped me off, showed me the meeting spot and hopped back in the van with the other 3 girls..hahahaha wow! I don't really blame him, they all were kinda cute, but can a girl get a little company for the day or nah?

The Milennials!!!! (we couldn't figure out how to take pictures with my GoPro)

The Milennials!!!! (we couldn't figure out how to take pictures with my GoPro)

It felt like I was doing a walk of shame. There was a group of about 20 people from one family getting set up to do the zip lining. Turns outs they were visiting from Brazil. So when the lonely black girl comes around the corner, it felt like everyone stopped talking to stare. I doubt that it was because I was black, but I'm pretty sure they were wondering 'who goes zip lining by themselves???'  As the whole group got suited up with our zip lining gear, I looked around and noticed that I was the only plus size person in the group. This usually doesn't bother me, but when it's a matter of life or death as I'll be strung up to a single wire and expected to propel from one forest to the next, I would much rather be in big girl company than to be the exception to the norm!

I'm not sure how to explain the feeling I had right before trying zip lining for the first time. Firstly, my heart was in my big toe. It just dropped when I saw how far I would drop if the zip line broke! You know when you're drunk, and the next morning when you're hung over and you run to the bathroom and you're not sure what end is gonna have the most action?? Yeah well, that's how I felt. I wanted to vomit and poop my pants all at the same time. And it's not just a figure of speech. I was legit looking at some bushes that I could discreetly sneak into to relieve myself!  The only thing that made me feel a little better is when a sweet lady from North Carolina asked me why do I have an additional apparatus around my neck? I looked around and noticed no one else had the additional apparatus. When I asked the instructor what was going on, he explained that they gave me an extra harness to latch onto the zip line. While I could have been insulted that they singled me out because I was plump and gave me an extra harness; I chose to be grateful for the extra security!

 Ok I lied, this wasn't the only reason that made me feel more comfortable. It's after a saw an elderly lady and a little 6 year old kid go first, as if they weren't terrified (Note that I had the elderly and children  go first as guinea pigs...I feel zero shame about that!)

Those are my feet!!

Whoooooooooa what a rush!! After you get over the nerves of the first zip line, it is pure bliss afterwards! How awesome is it to be soaring above all the trees in a rainforest?? If anyone has a fear of heights, I beg of you; suck it up and just do it. Be like me and send the elderly and children first if you have to but just do it! Never ever let fear win, this is definitely one of those life experiences that you don't want to miss.

Just a few things.....

·No young children or elderly people were hurt because I sent their asses, ooops I mean because I sent them first

·The group of Brazilians turned out to be so friendly. They insisted that I spend the whole day with them completing all the zip lines

·I also ended up horseback riding and had a spa treatment solo dolo that day

·The millennials ended up apologizing to me for having me wait so long. It actually turned out that the tour group gave them the wrong pick up time which is why they were an hour late. My spirit and face forgave them. They turned out to be amazing young women to hang with