Have You Worked On Your Dream Today?

Happy New Year!!  Ok maybe I'm 26 Days Late!

Technically I'm not that late because people are still saying Happy New Year to me when  they see me for the first time in 2018 soooooo I think I'm still  good! A lot has been going on with me, which will explain why you're seeing my first blog post for 2018, 3 weeks into the month but let me start out by greeting all my sweeties, friends, fans, tenderonies (Hey boo's *blows kisses*) who have shown me so much support as I launched my blog in 2017. You guys didn't have to mess with me, but you did. You guys read my blogs, liked my pics, sent me messages of encouragement, slid up in my dm's, and I thank you for that! It has been a challenging year, but the joy I've felt visiting so many new places that I've never been before far outweighs the bad. So thank you, thank you, thank you for sticking around. I promise you a lot more foolishness in 2018!

Chillin in Sonoma, Arizona

Chillin in Sonoma, Arizona

What was my first lesson of 2018??? Always back up your work!!! Did you guys see that episode of Sex In The City when Carrie Bradshaw lost all of her work when her computer crashed? Like what self respecting writer doesn't back up her work?????? Uhmmmmmm this girl right here!!!! Over the holidays, my computer decided to crash. I literally went into panic mode. I almost left my house without putting on a bra trying to get to the Geek Squad as soon as they opened! Blog posts....gone. Pictures....gone.....Video.....gone! (and trust me, I was working on a real gem. I had a blooper reel that you all would have loved!) It took 3 IT professionals over 3 weeks to fix my joint. I got most of my content back, just not everything. It's weird, I've spent the last year being glued to my laptop during the times that I'm not travelling.  To go so many weeks without writing, wondering if I lost everything, really just had my mind all over the place.

The Grand Canyon... Perhaps next time I'll wear a more vibrant colour so I won't blend in with the rocks!

The Grand Canyon... Perhaps next time I'll wear a more vibrant colour so I won't blend in with the rocks!

To be 100% honest with you, I've struggled a bit for the last few months of the year. I've been dealing with the feeling of not being good enough, and the feeling of not being where I should be in life.  I love you guys and I know you guys are just being supportive when you tell me 'Your trips should be sponsored by now'. Why though? Why should they be sponsored by now? My blog isn't even a year old as yet. I haven't even fully developed my voice as yet (although my voice right now is pretty damn witty and hella entertaining). I'm enjoying what I do. My love affair with inspiring people to travel, being adventurous, and trying new things has filled me with absolute pleasure. In 2017, you guys inundated me with messages thanking me for being your s-hero. I am humbled every time I hear it. That you admire me for getting out there and living life. Reading those messages are my reward. Would I love some free trips? Hell yeah. Will that eventually happen? Hell to the yeah! But for right now, I'm enjoying the journey. If you want something bad enough, you have to put in the work to get it. Airlines aren't just throwing out vouchers for free rides. Hotels definitely aren't just giving away free stays all loosey goosey. You gotta earn that, and that takes time. In the meantime, I'm over here saving my coins, packing my lunches, watching the Raptors on TV instead of at The ACC (like I'm saying though... If someone wants to bring me as their date to a Raptors game, I'm game. I can even sneak in snacks in my bosoms!) Kidding....not really.


With that being said, those saved coins brought me on some amazing adventures in 2017! After launching my blog, my goal was to hit a different destination at least once per month. In my mind I made it. In actuality, I didn't go anywhere in December, so blahhhhh. Who's counting anyways?! I almost went broke buying Christmas gifts... does that count? Ha!


So for this year I'm saying yes to adventure, yes to new countries, yes to accepting where I am in the process of being a travel blogger and enjoying every high and low that comes with it. Have I mentioned that I've been to Iceland already in 2018??? Listen, you have to look out for that post next week, because there is plenty foolishness to talk about, including me falling flat on my ass!! How's that for a teaser?!


Let's set some intentions for this year. What goals do you want to accomplish. What are you going to work on every day to ensure that it happens? I've already set my intentions for the year, and I encourage you to as well. We're approaching the end of January, have you worked on your dream today?

Happy New Year!