I Know This Really Great Guy

In a city like Toronto, you'd think that the dating options are endless right? Nope! It's hard out here for a single girl (ok, to be fair, I guess it's hard for single men too.) In this day and age, there is no shortage of methods to meet other single people like Tinder, Plenty of Fish and speed dating events. Perhaps it's just the people that I know, but there are some great people who are still single.  Now I'm not going to bore you guys with the intimate details of my experience using these forms of meeting mates (I did have someone ask me if they can motorboat my breasts on Tinder)...ok I lied, just had to give you one quick example.  But it leads me to the question.... What's wrong in the dating scene why we aren't connecting? I know for me, it's a lack of communication. It's great to be physically attracted to someone, but can you offer great conversation as well? Do the above mediums promote great conversation, or do they solely rely on physical attraction? Well allow me to introduce a new event on the scene that combines the connection of great energy and physical attraction with light hearted, fun conversation; I Know This Really Great Guy.


I Know This Really Great Guy is the brainchild of Rachael-Lea Rickards.  She was looking to create an alternative to the conventional forms of dating. So here is how it works; In order to attend, each woman must register herself and a really great guy that she knows that SHE'S NOT ATTRACTED TO. I repeat, she should not be attracted to or want to pursue a relationship with this man. Because if that was the case, things could get messy. I actually like the idea of another woman vouching for a guy. To be honest, sometimes when you meet people on the internet, you know nothing about them except what they tell you. Perhaps it's woman's code, but if a woman brings a man and claims that he's a great guy, I believe.

Rachael-Lea Rickards founder of I Know This Really Great Guy

Rachael-Lea Rickards founder of I Know This Really Great Guy

After you register, Rachael-Lea speaks to every man registered personally to get a feel for him, and to find out if he's really looking for a serious relationship. Once you pass the interview stage, and your 'guy' is accepted, you are then able to purchase a ticket (BTW...luckily for men, you are free! ) The amount of people are limited to 25 men and 25 women, so an intimate and interactive setting can be achieved.


I've been a skeptic of dating events for awhile now. A lot of them that I've been to or heard about had an air of desperation to it to be honest. I always felt like they'd shine a spotlight on the singles and people would point fingers and laugh. To my surprise, I Know This Really Great Guy was quite the opposite.


Once you arrive, the men and the women are immediately separated.  You're there to look for a mate, not to hang out with your friend, right?!


Over the course of the night, numerous 'get to know you' games were introduced to the 50 singles which included people being paired up and having to have conversations with the opposite sex WITHOUT knowing what the person that you're talking to looks like. 


Icebreaker games like that totally take the pressure off of creating dialogue with the opposite sex. It also allows you to get to know people, without first judging them on their appearance. No attitudes, no screw face, just lighthearted fun. I'd tell you more about the games, but then I'd have to kill you.....ok ok...maybe it's not that serious, but if you really wanna know more, I suggest you grab a really great guy and register! I have to leave some things a little mysterious.


The next I Know This Really Great Guy is taking place on Sunday October 29th, 2017 from 4-7pm in downtown Toronto. If you have a really great guy, and you'd like to register for this event, head over to www.iknowthisreallygreatguy.com and sign up. Like most of my posts, I encourage you to think outside of the box and try something new. You never know what could happen, and what awesome person you'll meet. If you are reading this, and decide to go to the event and meet someone awesome and get married, you are obligated to invite me to your wedding! It's the least you can do! I figured demanding that you name your children after me might be too much....lol

Happy Dating!!!!