You Know Big Women Have Great Sex Too Right?

It seems that there was some confusion happening this past weekend. So let me say it very clearly; Big Women Have Amazing Sex Too!

It astounds me that in this day and age, plus size women still have to convince the masses that we're desired. I am definitely not here for the fat shaming. Is it that preposterous to believe that a slim, handsome celebrity could possibly be attracted to a plus size woman?

I'm usually pretty humorous in my posts because I like to keep it light and fun, but the events of this last weekend has got me tight. Celebrity singer Usher has been in the news lately. He supposedly has an STD, and has had sexual encounters with people without telling them his status. Quantasia (who is a plus size woman), has come forward saying that although she did not contract the STD, she did have sexual relations with Usher therefore she is suing him for not telling her about his status.

 Let me be clear, this post is not about whether or not Usher is wrong or right. I was not there. I don't know what happened. Quite frankly it is none of my business. But what I am making my business, is the fat shaming that Quantasia has received since coming forward.

It's like the body positive movement has taken strides forward, and in one shot taken  20 steps back. We can't claim to accept certain variations of 'thick women' without accepting all plus size women. Period.

Yes, some plus size women have flat stomachs and thick thighs, but I'd probably say the majority of us have belly rolls, dimples, stretch marks, flat asses, thick asses, long boobs, plump boobs, back rolls and double chins! But you know what we do with those double chins? We have great sex! One leg in the air, both legs in the air, show up to his house naked, do the splits, use a whip *breathes* hot candle wax, do it in public, swing from the ceiling fan, break the headboard great sex!

This is not me. This footage is courtesy of Barcroft TV.

 Shocked are you? Didn't think we could be sensual and sexy? Let's challenge why not. Let's challenge the hypocrisy of appreciating slim women for having thick thighs, but assume a woman with extra belly fat is unhealthy or unattractive. Let's challenge why so many are assuming that she's lying because an attractive man could never find a fat woman desirable.  And while we're at it, let's talk about why there's an assumption that big women DON'T HAVE AMAZING SEX!

It's times like this, that I'm grateful that I took the step to start this blog. To challenge the stereotypes of what a big woman can or can't do. To all the plus size women reading this; Continue to slay, continue to break down walls of what society dictates should be beautiful, and continue to have mind blowing, mattress falling off the bed, hair pulled, booty slapped, wet sheets, blind folded GREAT SEX!!!!!!!