South Beach: Nautilus Sixty Hotel

I know as a travel blogger, when you review properties you are supposed to be non biased and impartial. Butttt.... I loved this hotel! Well there goes my poker face.

This was my first time in Miami, so I really didn't know what to expect, or where I should narrow my search for hotels to. I pretty much based my choice on reviews that I read and the fact that Nautilus Sixty was actually abeachfront property approximately 25 minutes away from the Miami airport.

Although I got to the hotel a little early, I was allowed to check in. When the young lady at the front desk asked what the purpose of my trip was, I told her I was a travel blogger as well as I was celebrating my birthday that weekend. I then asked if my room had a view. She said 'no'. After I mentioned that I was a blogger and I was celebrating my birthday, she began to look on her computer for rooms with views. I was crossing my fingers and my toes that I'd get an upgrade. But no such luck. I was offered an upgrade, that I'd have to pay for! But that's the way it goes sometimes, can't always get what we want. Unfortunately my room faced the neighbours roof. So there wasn't much view to look at. I later found out that they had a rooftop terrace with an amazing view. So I had to settle with that.

View from the terrace.

View from the terrace.

However Nautilus did come through like rock stars later on when they sent a bottle of Pinot Grigio, cookies, and a signed card from the staff wishing me a Happy Birthday. That was top class and made up for the lack of upgrade.

The beach access is right in the hotels backyard. Totally convenient. When you check in, they advise you of a $35 Resort fee which includes beach towels and access to the gym etc. However when you go to the beach, you do get a towel, but unfortunately if you'd like an umbrella you are charged $19 US. I personally think that should be included in the resort fee, however this could be a South Beach thing not a Nautilus Sixty thing. And trust me, you need the umbrella. I just happened to be there during a heat wave, and even my toes were burnt from walking in the sand. If you wanted one of those shade shacks, I heard it was $150 a day!!!! Kudos to you guys who have $150 to spend on shade!

I have to send a shout out to Adrian who works on the beach. He was beyond attentive to my every need. Since I travel solo, I had no one to take my pictures for me. Adrian was so kind as to follow me around for a few minutes catching shots for me. By the time we were done, he was suggesting what lighting works better for each shot! What a breath of fresh air.

Nautilus provides their guests with free bicycle rentals, which is perfect since they are located on the boardwalk in South Beach. They also offer a delicious Sunday brunch and daily happy hour specials (happy hour will save your life if you're on a budget! A regular cocktail is about $15 US dollars. By the time they add tax and the mandatory 18% tip, that drink is now $20 something dollars Canadian. So half price happy hour is your chance to get liquored up on a budget!) Nautilus Sixty also offers an in room mini bar, but this Canadian girl didn't even bother to inquire about the prices because I ordered a bottle of water from room service and it was $6!!!!! I may or may not have allowed the free ice cubes from the ice machine to melt in my room and then drank that water! Ha!

Overall, I had a fabulous experience at Nautilus Sixty hotel. Every staff member that I came in contact with was super nice and helpful. The hotel is located in such a central spot, and you can't get any closer to the beach.

Just remember: Do not go to South Beach if you don't have a flexible budget cause it is not cheap! Everything you order, including food and drinks can be billed to your room. You might be having such a good time, that you get a little carried away with ordering, and forget that you have to pay a final bill upon checkout. So take heed! I was there for 3 nights, and my final bill which included the $35 resort fee, food and drinks was $240 US dollars ( in case you're wondering, that's approx. $300 Canadian!!) And I didn't even eat the majority of my meals there. So consider yourself warned!

I think my only negative comment would be the hallways. They are painted charcoal. It really makes the hotel feel dark and gloomy. 

I think my only negative comment would be the hallways. They are painted charcoal. It really makes the hotel feel dark and gloomy. 

Would I go back? In a hot South Beach Miami second!

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