Jamaica: Rooms Negril

I would have to say that Negril is one of my favourite places in Jamaica. Seven Mile Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. So when I found a hotel that is a beachfront property on seven mile beach, I jumped at the opportunity. Rooms Negril is 1.5 hours from the Montego Bay airport. Just a side note: they totally put me on the wrong shuttle bus and brought me to the wrong hotel. When we realized the mistake, I got a private shuttle to the hotel...lol

While I was looking forward to an amazing view of the beach, I was a bit taken a back that there was a brick wall built that separated guests from Rooms Negril and the beach. When I inquired about it, they said it was to prevent their guests from being harassed by vendors selling items on the beach. I get it, because some people can be very aggressive and not take no for an answer, however it totally took away from the beauty of the beach. We also weren't allowed to take our beach chairs to the other side of the wall, so it felt a bit like I was in prison. I love sitting close enough to water that I can hang my feet in, and that definitely wasn't possible here.

The majority of staff was very friendly. Although they served a continental breakfast (which was not good at all), they offered traditional Jamaican breakfasts for an extremely reasonable cost. Rooms is located right on the seven mile strip, so there are quite a few restaurants walking distance from the hotel. It's a very cheap $100 ($1-2 Canadian dollars) taxi ride to get into their town that has more food options. The popular club 'Jungle' is located less than a 5 minute walk from the hotel. You're able to walk back alone even late at night.

Although wifi was included, I wasn't able to log on until 3 days into the trip. I complained quite a few times, because what is life if I can't update my social media??

A huge turn off was that a room was broken into while I was there. Money was taken out of his safe.  Now I'm not one to point fingers, but the situation stunk of an inside job. It's a shame that you can't feel safe with your items, even when they're locked up in a safe.

In general it was a well kept hotel, however the beach wall and rooms being broken into are kinda deal breakers for me. I'm not saying that I'd never return, but I'd definitely keep my options open for other hotels on the strip that felt less imprisoned. But kudos to the front desk staff who were helpful and  very accommodating.

Nicole M. CasanovaComment