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About me.........

It's probably a little odd that someone who hates talking about herself has decided to start a travel and lifestyle blog all about herself, but here I am.  My name is Nicole M. Casanova otherwise known as Nikki World Boss. I'm a 40 something-ish plus size ninja who's always looking for her next adventure. I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada to Jamaican parents. I live to laugh, so my perspective is usually from a comedic view. This blog is a journey through the life of a plus size woman, who thinks if it can be done, why can't I do it too!?

I'm a former radio personality, hosted my own lifestyle web show, event emcee and now a blogger. I'm always on time, love chicken wings, I box, I'm extra and I love foolishness.

If you're a blogger or in the travel industry, I'd love to collaborate with you.

If you have a product that you'd like to have reviewed (preferably in the travel industry), get at me!

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