Have you ever dreamed of punching that very annoying co-worker in the throat? Imagined driving your car over your ex boyfriends big toe? No? Are you really being honest with yourself? Cause if you've answered yes to any of the above questions, like me you've got a little rage in you!!!! So when a girlfriend of mine suggested that we go to a rage room, my immediate response was yassssssss!!

Who knew that this little piece of heaven existed???  What is a rage room you ask? Well, it's a room that you rent by the hour. You have the option of creating your own playlist (the angrier the music, the better!) They provide you with a bin full of plates, glasses, old electronics (computers, TV's, printers), they give you another bin with crow bars, bats and golf clubs and then you beat the living daylights outta the items!!! Yes you read correctly! They lock you in a room and you literally take all your anger out on these old electronics!!!

When you first get there, you have to sign a waiver which is pretty standard with anywhere you go. Yeah yeah, I'm cool if I accidentally injure myself blah blah blah. Then they outfit you with some overalls, mask and gloves. Literally everything has to be covered since there will be flying glass everywhere. Be sure if you are going there, wear something really light. Cause it gets real hot under those overalls real quick. Like a fool I wore a long sleeved hoodie. Maybe about 5 minutes into it, I couldn't even see what I was doing because the plastic on my mask got all foggy from my sweat! Ever tried swinging a bat at something when the salt from your sweat is blinding you? Nope? Well don't let the rage room be the first.

After they lock you in the room, you plug in your angry play list (Shout out to Kelis 'I hate you so much right now' which gave me life!) That gave me pure energy to beat the holy hell outta those plates. You can either go by yourself or with a group of friends. I went with 3 girlfriends. A few times we did a quadruple team on one item because there was a sewing machine that just didn't wanna die.

Liberation comes in many form; but to scream at the top of your lungs and swing that crow bar like your life depended on it would be at the top of my list.  Picture your exes face while you swing. Remember all those times that he promised to call you back but never did?  Bang bang....When your birthday came and gone, and all he did was text you HBD....bang bang....When he says he's coming by on Tuesday to hang out, and it's the following Tuesday and he still hasn't come by as yet...bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang,....I think you get the point.

After an hour, you'll come out a new person. Refreshed, surprisingly more relaxed and ready to take on the world.  Enjoy!