The Two Different Kinds Of Travellers

In life you have to realize that people are different. Not everyone thinks and acts like you do. The world would probably be pretty boring if everyone thought the same. In my most recent trip to Jamaica, I really took notice of the 2 different kinds of travellers.

I always thought that I was a sensible traveller. When I booked my flights I also booked my hotel. I always know how I'm getting from the airport to my hotel,  I research tours and must see places to visit. I never understood those willy nilly, 'I'll go wherever the wind blows me' type of people.  The 'I'm just gonna show up and hope for the best' types. I'm getting anxiety just typing about it. Although I usually travel solo, my most recent trip I was joined by one of my girlfriends. I quickly found out that we were two totally different types of travellers.


Booking Flights and Accommodations

Firstly, I try my best to book flights well in advance. I'm always looking for seat sales. If I know exactly when I want to travel, I don't see the point in waiting until the last minute. In my experience,  I've gotten better flight deals by booking in advance.  I also choose about 5 hotels that I find interesting and then look every last one of them up on trip advisor and  read EVERY review.

My friend (we'll call her Willy Nilly T), booked a one way ticket since she wasn't sure what day she wanted to come back.  Although we were visiting my mom in Jamaica, and staying at my home in the country, I told her I was gonna book us into a hotel for the last few days of our trip. She agreed. It wasn't until the morning that we were supposed to travel to the hotel, that she asked me for the name! Huh? Is it just me that gets excited about researching hotels? The joy of finding spots that include buffet breakfast and free wifi in the rooms?


The Day Of Travel

I can live on the edge like anyone else, so sometimes I do my packing the night before I travel ( I really am a rebel!....well a Rebel Lite!) Mind you, the week that I'm going away, I start to throw things that I want to bring with me in a suitcase, then the night before I strategically pick what's going to go and what's going to stay. Sometimes if my flight is early enough, I stay awake all night so I'll be able to sleep all the way to my destination. What I never compromise on, is getting to the airport 3 hours before my flight. What if all the check in machines go down and there is a long wait to check everyone in manually? (By the way, this did happen on a recent flight. I was in line for almost 2 hours trying to check in because all the online check in machines were down. By the time I was checked in, I only had time to sprint to my gate to catch my flight!) Now if I had gotten to the airport an hour before my flight, I clearly would have missed it right? You see.... there's a method to my madness.


Willy Nilly Travellers do everything last minute. My friend T didn't even call me to ask about the trip until the day before we left. I mean, she wasn't concerned if we had a ride from the airport, did we have anything planned..nothing! While I was at Park n Fly looking for parking, she was just leaving her downtown home to drive to her parents house to repack. While I was sitting at the gate (after of course buying and eating my breakfast, looking for any last minute toiletries in the airport stores and used the ladies room, so I won't need to use it on the plane) Willy Nilly T just strolls in as we're about to board. Then complained that she arrived too early!!! UUgghhhhh Now if my blood pressure wasn't already skyrocketing, it wasn't until we landed in Jamaica, that I had to point to her customs form and ask her if she wasn't going to fill it out! No, but seriously, I was having heart palpitations watching her casually sleep while the customs form just sat there taunting me. Who waits until the plane lands to fill out the custom form? Am I right here, or am I right????


Willy Nilly waits until everyone has boarded the flight, before they board. Sensible Sally stands close to the gate even though their zone hasn't been called just so they can make sure they are the  first ones on when called. I mean, nowadays airlines are forever complaining that they don't have enough overhead space.  If you aren't one of the first ones on to claim your overhead space, you'll end up being one of those people who's seat is at the front but their bag is all the way at the back. When you arrive at your destination, you have to wait for everyone to get off just to grab your bag. No thank you!!

Willy Nilly T tells me that I remind her of a Granny travelling. And I'm ok with that because last time I checked, everyone loves their granny. They always have candy in their purse, people want to help them carry their bags, grannies always give you a card with money....people love Grannies! Soooo if that was meant as an insult, the burn is on you! Ha!


The Major Differences Between Willy Nilly And Sensible Sally:

Willy Nilly is in no rush to do anything travel related. For them that's the purpose of vacation, to relax. They stay seated once the plane has landed and let everyone off before they casually walk off, they don't book tours or research places to go. They'll just wait for the locals to suggest somewhere and go for the ride. They have no problem running to the gate to catch their flights. They sleep in, in the mornings, Willy Nilly is down for anything whether it be finding an adventure or just chilling at the hotel with a book.

Sensible Sally is a planner. Sensible Sally gets a high from researching destinations, hotels and things to do. They are usually 'what if' kinda people, so will sometimes over pack because they don't want to feel as though they've left something they'll need. Sally would like to have an activity planned for each day of her travel. No time shall go wasted. Sally also prints out all her boarding passes,  park n fly discount sheets, and hotel itineraries as a backup in case anything goes wrong with their booking. They have already researched local currency, and changed enough money to be able to tip the driver who brings them to their hotel.


What type of traveller do you identify most with... Willy Nilly Or Sensible Sally?

I actually might challenge myself this year. I'm going to book a trip as though I'm a Willy Nilly. No research, no booking anything in advance, nothing. Ok wait....I'll only be allowed to research accommodations because I'm not hanging out with bed bugs! Do you guys think I can do it? Pray for me y'all!

Nikki 'Sensible Sally' World Boss